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Hydrated lime (or calcium hydroxide, or slaked lime) is usually a dry powder resulting from the controlled slaking of quicklime with water. The exothermic or released heat of reaction is captured and used to evaporate the excess slaking water.

Hydrated lime (calcium hydroxide) is a dry, colorless crystalline powder manufactured by treating calcium oxide (quicklime) with water, in a process called “slaking.” Also known as slack lime, builders lime or pickling lime, hydrated lime is used in the production of mortars, plasters, cements, paints, hard rubber products, petrochemicals, and in the tanning of leather.

Industries which are using hydrated lime and their usage purpose:

  • Lime stabilization for roadway construction,
  • As an additive in HMA for multiple benefication,
  • In AAC production,
  • In calcium cilikate brick production,
  • In concrete block and some component production to increase the its strength,
  • It is using as a binder for production of the mortar and plaster, and using as a limewash to increase the workability of mortar.
Waste Water Treatment:
Precipitation of the solids by using hydrated lime and recovery of the alcohol, calcium lignosulfat by using HL as a filtration contributer.

Desulphurisation of the SO2 and SO3 by using Wet and dry fgd methods, HCL cleaning in the waste incineration system, Capturing some heavy metals by using HL and active carbon.

Calcium hypo chlorite production by reaction of the hydrated lime and Clor, Rafination of the citric acid, Some type of chemicals production by reaction of the organic and inorganic acid with HL, and it is used in the chrome chemicals production as a neutralizer, in the ethylene or propylene production phase.

Decreasing the hardness degree of the carbonat in the water, decreasing the hardness degree of the other elemnets in the water lime/soda process, Precipitation of the solids in the water by using HL, aluminium and iron powder, neutralizing acidic water, Increasing the PH value in the water in order to remove bacteria and some virus.

In the waste water treatment, precipitation of the solids in the water by using HL, aluminium and iron powder, removing phosphor and nitrogen, Neutralisation of the acidic water in the industries, precipitation of the some metal ions like iron and chrome, clarifying water in beet sugar plant.

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