Ferric Chloride Anhydrous


Product Details
We deals in Ferric Chloride (Anhydrous / Liquid). Our anhydrous Ferric Chloride Anhydrous is widely used in different chemical processes. Anhydrous Ferric Chloride Anhydrous are strong Lewis acid and are used as a catalyst in organic synthesis. These are available in crystal form,Ferric Chloride Anhydrous hexa hydrate is also used as a catalyst in organic synthesis. We also offer liquid Ferric Chloride Anhydrous 40% for use as coagulant for water.

Ferric Chloride Anhydrous is prepared by direct chlorination of iron with chlorine and product is collected after condensation of sublimed products. Thus the process conditions are adjusted in such a way that material of highest purity is obtained.

Grade Standard Technical Grade
Physical State Powder
Usage Industrial
Packaging Size Customized
Packaging Type Bag Packing
We Provide Innovated Industrial Solutions
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