Liquor Ammonia


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We have the best quality of Liquor Ammonia with very competitive price. Our Liquor Ammonia is made with very high quality raw materials using all quality standards for the manufacturing of Liquor Ammonia.

We are currently meeting the requirements for Liquor Ammonia from our customers from various countries across the globe.

Liquorammonia is basically ammonia dissolved in water with a high pungent fishy odor. The chemical is widely used in varied industries as an acid neutralizer. Processed in accordance with the industrial standards and norms, the liquorammonia is widely offered in the market in air tight containers for zero leakage in the environment.

  • As an ingredient in cleaning agents
  • Used to darken or stain wood in furniture designing
  • Used as a acidity regulator in food industry
CAS Number 1336-21-6
Molecular formula NH4OH
Molar Mass 35.04 g/mol
Appearance Colorless liquid
Density 0.91 g/cm3 (25 %) and 0.88 g/cm3 (32 %)
Melting point -57.5 °C (25%), -91.5 °C (32%)
Boiling point 37.7 °C (25%)24.7 °C (32%)
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