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Algae are a type of plant, with over 30 thousand different species. For ease of identification in swimming pools these are best broken into two main types, floating algae and clinging algae. Blue/Green algae is the most prevalent floating algae found in swimming pools. Clinging algae like black spot and mustard algae grow into the pool’s finish and are generally harder to treat. Algae, like all plants require water and nutrients to grow. Even a clean, clear pool can turn into a green swamp overnight as a single algae spore can quickly grow into billions.

The importance of pH: All algae cells are surrounded by a waxy coating (the cell wall). Penetration by chemicals is made easier by reducing the pH of the pool water prior to adding an algaecide. A pH between 7.0 and 7.2 is desirable.

The importance of brushing: Regular brushing with a suitable stiff brush is of benefit in algae removal. Brushing helps to break the waxy coating mentioned above and so make the task of the algaecide easier.

Chlorine as an algaecide: It is true that chlorine compounds can be used to treat algae infestations. Some algae can consume large quantities of chlorine, reducing the free chlorine available to control bacteria and viruses. Far better to use an effective algaecide and reduce the quantity of chlorine sanitiser. This will save time and money.

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