Cyanuric Acid

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We have the best quality of Cyanuric Acid with very competitive price. Our Cyanuric Acid is made with very high quality raw materials using all quality standards for the manufacturing of Cyanuric Acid.

We are currently meeting the requirements for Cyanuric Acid from our customers from various countries across the globe.

Cyanuric acid going by the CAS Number of 108-80-5 is used to stabilize free chlorine to reduce photo degradation in outdoor swimming pools. It keeps chlorine stable after it is used for the disinfection of swimming pools. Cyanuric acid reacts with melamine to form a stable insoluble complex. Cyanuric acid can significantly impact the effectiveness of hyperchlorination for inactivating Cryptosporidium cysts present in faecally-contaminated water systems.

Chemical Name: Cyanuric Acid
Available Chlorine: 98.53%
Moisture: 0.32%
PH Value 1% solution: 4.4
Packing: 50 kgs/drum
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