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Sodium hypochlorite is an inexpensive, strong oxidizing agent, that is used as disinfectant and bleaching agent. It is unstable as a solid, but solutions of up to 40% are commercially available that contain NaOH and NaCl as byproducts of the preparation:

2 NaOH + Cl2 ? NaCl + NaOCl + H2O

Hypochlorite solutions liberate toxic gases such as chlorine when acidified or heated. The reaction with ammonia or with substances that can generate ammonia can produce chloramines which are also toxic and have explosive potential.

Sodium hypochlorite is also known as soda bleach or chlorine bleach. It is an excellent steriliser, oxidiser and decolouring agent, and also acts as a germicide, fungicide and deodorant. The chemical is used as a bleaching agent for rayon pulp, paper and fabrics; as household bleach for fly control; and for industrial water treatment and pool chlorination. It also finds application as a food additive.

  • Bleaching agent for rayon pulp and paper, cotton, linen and jute
  • Disinfectant and deodorant in dairies and creameries (sterilisation)
  • Water treatment (chlorination)
  • Household bleach
  • Pool chlorination
  • Fly control (sterilisation)
  • Germicide
  • Fungicide
Formula NaOCl
Name Sodium hypochlorite
Synonyms Soda bleach, chlorine bleach
Specifications Specific gravity at 25 °C: Min. 1.170
Available chlorine: Min. 12.00% wt
Total alkali as NaOH: Max. 1.50% wt
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