Walnut Shells

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Product Details
Walnut shells are an ideal blast media for use in pressure cleaning applications at the drill site. They are coarse, but not so hard that they can damage sensitive structures make of fiberglass, wood, or plastic. Plus, since they are not toxic, there is absolutely no risk of silicosis as there is when using silica based blasting media.

Whether being used to filter waste, speed up production, or clean machinery in between drilling cycles, walnut shells are 100% recyclable which means you can use and reuse them many times over. This allows you to not only reduce operating costs, but it’s an easy way to help keep the environment cleaner as well.

Walnut shell is ground walnut shell, a lost circulation material that can be used in both oil-base and water-base systems. It is available in three sizes, fine, medium and coarse. Walnut shell can be mixed in combination with other LCM.

As a lost circulation material walnut shells are especially adapted for plugging induced fractures. Walnut shells are also used to reduce torgue and drag of drill pipe and drill collars, especially in high angle holes. Walnut shells are used as a sweep to scour the well bore and tools when sticking clay is a problem.
Seal fractures and permeable zones to prevent loss of fluid

High compressive strength/non-absorbing

Environmental Information
For information concerning environmental regulations applicable to Walnut shell,contact the Health Safety and Environmental Department.
Package and Storage
25kg bags or according to customer’s requirement.
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