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Bentonite Blank Granules are coated with biologically derived ingredients, which are resistant to harmful effects of Ultra-violet radiations of sunlight, become active when they get favorable tropical conditions. Bentonite activate the microbial life within the soil and encourages soil microbes to play an active role. Bentonite loosens light soil enhancing thereby its water retention capacity and increase the efficiency of fertilizer. Bentonite turn saline soil into neutral and helps to increase the dark color of the leaves enhancing thereby Photosynthesis process which ultimately increase the yield of the crops. We, being a reputed Bentonite Exporter ensure standard packaging and systematic delivery of Bentonite.
Bentonite Blank Granules plays very important role in the Pesticides Formulations.

It acts as carrier for various liquid pesticides and the easiest and safest way of pesticides applications. During application, granules are less subject to drift than in the case with dusting and spray.

It can be applied even in condition of wind.

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