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Product Details
Cup lock is a unique node point connection allows up to four horizontal members to be connected to a veritical members in one single action – without the use of nuts and bolts or wedges. The locking device is formed by two cups. Single node point action of unique locking make ‘cuplock/Cuplock’ a fast, versatile and optimized system of scaffolding for scaffolding for construction, demolition and maintenance projects throughout the globe.

Cuplok galvanized Cuplock systems. it is a well –proven heavy –duty support system. yet one which is relatively light and easy to assemble .it is as multi- purpose system, suitable not only for false work support but access as well, and is particularly suitable for building and civil engineering projects like motorway bridge as well as office and retail developments.

Grid Sizes
The capacity of cuplok is based on 1.8m and less horizontal lengths. if 2.5m horizontals are used, the loadings will be:

  • 1.5m lifts 60kn
  • 2.0 lifts 45kn
Silent Features
  • Best suitable for access or formwork support.
  • Cuplock systems- Timely tested and Proven design with safety accessories
  • Cuplock Systems has a proven performance history on an extensive number of sites, meeting the requirements of the various statutory bodies.
  • Quick fastening of horizontals. Only 4 horizontals can be fastened at one time with firm clamping action of top cup making the joint rigid.
  • Quick/Fast/Solid erection and dismantling results in time and labour saving.
  • Widely and Versatile use in construction, demolition or maintenance projects for any type of structure i.e. straight or curved.
  • Lightweight but high loads carrying capacity.
  • Low maintenance.
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