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We are the leading Supplier of Industrial Scaffolding Forged Half Couplers, Swivel Clamps, Grave Lock Scaffolding Forged Half Couplers, Swivel Beam Clamps, Scaffolding And Associated Accessories. Our Scaffolding Forged Half Couplers and clamps are extensively used in refurbishment, power-stations and in power stations which are as Drop Forged Swivel Clamps, Drop Forged Swivel Scaffolding Forged Half Couplers, Beam Clamp, Joint Pin Scaffolding Forged Half Couplers, Pressed Steel Clamps, PC Double Scaffolding Forged Half Couplers Right Angle Double Scaffolding Forged Half Couplers Right Angle, Grave LOC Forged Half Couplers (Girder Clamp), Grave Lock Swivel Clamps, Q-Stage Scaffolding, C-Lock Scaffolding, Jack Nuts, PC Pressed Swivel Scaffolding Forged Half Couplers, Pressed Swivel Forged Half Couplers,Grave LOC Forged Half Couplers, LOC Forged Half Couplers and Scaffolding Top Cup, Cuplock System,Standard – Vertical, Ledger – Horizontal,Scaffolding Prop, Base Jack, U Head Jack, Shuttering Plate, Scaffolding Chali, Bottom Cup, Base Plate, Scaffolding Accessories, Forged Half Couplers, Joint Pin, Top Cup, Prop Nut, Ledger Blade, Jack Handle, Jack Nut, Wing Nut, Prop Sleeve etc.

We have all the facilities to offer our Scaffolding Forged Half Couplers, clamps and accessories in various options such as bolt size and tube size as per the client’s specifications. These are excellently packaged with quality material according to their requirements. All these factors have helped us to achieve a large customer base in India and in international market.

All Scaffolding Forged Half Couplers are Tested according to BS1139 and EN74 Scaffolding Clamps Standard. Scaffolding Clamps Bolt Nut can be 21mm Cross Nut with Washer, 22mm Flange Nut and 23mm Flange Nut according to Clients request from Different Countries. Scaffolding Clamps Sizes Include OD48.3mm, OD60mm, OD76mm and OD89mm Diameter. There Are A Lot Types of Scaffolding Clamps Include Double Forged Half Couplers, Swivel Forged Half Couplers, Beam Clamps Fixed and Swivel Type, Sleeve Forged Half Couplers, Single Forged Half Couplers, Board Retaining Clamp, Ladder Clamp, Fence Clamp Etc.

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