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Hydrated Lime, is a dry fine , white powder with chemical formula Ca(OH)2. The Hydrated Lime manufactured in our state-of-art plant is free flowing fine powder, without any grits and impurities.

Kaolin uses are multiple and diverse. Kaolin are used as functional filler, extender, ceramic raw material and pigment because of its whiteness and fine particle size. Kaolin also hold importance as raw material in refractory applications, concrete, rubber and fiber glass manufacturing.

Paper : Kaolin used as a coating pigment and as a filler to replace fiber. It possesses desirable optical properties.
Concrete : Kaolin helps to improve strength and durability of concrete. When added to concrete mix, reacts with free lime released during cement hydration to produce additional cementitious material, resulting in an improved high performance concrete.
Plastics : Kaolin is widely used as filler in the plastics industry because of its inert chemical nature and its unique size, shape and structure.
Agriculture : It is used as a carrier and diluent in fertilizers, pesticides and related products. It is suitable as carrier because it aides the retention of the formulations on the plant.
Rubber : It is commonly used as functional filler in rubber applications. While Kaolin improves overall performance for Rubber in general, different types of white pigment play specific roles in rubber application.
Paint : Kaolin used as an extender in paints. It reduces the amount of expensive pigment such as Titanium Dioxide. It assists with desirable rheological properties that help maintain proper dispersion and provide bulk to the product.
Ceramic : Kaolin improves whiteness and brightness of ceramic body. Good plasticity, good shrinkage, low water absorption and casting rate are also very important properties of kaolin.
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