Sodium Hydrosulphide

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We have the best quality of Sodium Hydrosulphide with very competitive price. Our Sodium Hydrosulphide is made with very high quality raw materials using all quality standards for the manufacturing of Sodium Hydrosulphide.

We are currently meeting the requirements for Sodium Hydrosulphide from our customers from various countries across the globe.


  • For removing hairs from hides
  • As a floating agent
  • As a makeup chemical
  • In the leather industry for de-hairing of hides
  • As a flotation agent in copper mining
  • Mainly in paper manufacture as a makeup chemical for sulfur
  • In the kraft process
Other names Sodium bisulfide, Sodium sulfhydrate, Sodium hydrogen sulphide nash
Cas number 16721-80-5
Molecular formula NaHS
Molar mass 56.06271 g/mol
Description Pale yellow liquid smells like H2S due to hydrolysis by atmosphere applications
NaHS Content 30% + 1%
Na2S Content < 1%
Iron as Fe 0.20%,
NaOH Nil
Ammonia Nil
Mercaptans Nil
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