Partially Hydrolyzed Poly Acryl amide (PHPA) Powder

Drilling Polymers

Product Details
Our PHPA is a granular powder with excellent handling and mixing properties. This product offers all of the performance characteristics of the liquid PHPA but has the economic benefits of a high activity powder.
PHPA Function:
  • Readily dispersible and avoid “fish eyes” in drilling fluids
  • Excellent cuttings encapsulation so as to limit cuttings dispersion in drilling mud
  • Improved shale stabilization
  • Enhances drill solids control
  • Viscosify clear-water and low-solids drilling fluids
  • Non-fermenting and Does not require biocides
  • Stable in monovalent salt (NaCl, KCl, etc.) environments
  • Effective in small concentrations
  • Can be destroyed with oxidizing agents when desired
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