Neem Oil

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We are the exporter offering Neem Oil.

Neem Oil used following Various Industries:-

Agricultural Industry

The principle ingredient in Azadirachtin found naturally in neem seed oil is being used the world over for manufacturing :

  • Natural Insecticide
  • Natural Fungicide
  • Natural Pesticide

Cosmetic Industry:

Neem bark, seed, and leaf oil are being used in manufacturing number of skin products, body lotions, beauty care facial packs in combination with other natural ingredients all around the world.

Herbal Medicine Industry:

Neem seed, leaf, and bark oil are used to manufacture herbal medicines. It can be used as raw neem oil.

Grade Industrial, Cosmetic, Agricultural Grade
Packaging Size 200 Lit
Packaging Type Barrel
Usage/Application Pest Control
Form Liquid
Color Yellow
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