Fulvic Acid Powder

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Product Details
We deals in humic acid prill shiny ball, fulvic acid powder, nitrogen fertilizer, agriculture fertilizer, bio fertilizer and bio organic manure.

Fulvic Acid Powder is used for plant growth and yield enhancer. We provide Fulvic Acid Powder which has following advantages for your crops:

  • Increases buffering Properties of Soil
  • Acts as an organic catalyst
  • Chelates metal ions under alkaline conditions
  • Stimulates plant enzymes
  • Improves blossom and fruit set.
  • Increases root respiration and formation
  • Thickens enlarges and balances the leaf growth, supply well-balanced crop nutrients.
  • Helping plants to endure environmental stress.
  • Promoting the development of shoots and roots & stimulates cell division, thereby improve the fruit size.
Form Powder
Pack Type Bag
Usage Agricultural
Packaging Size 25 Kg
Packaging Type Bag
Application Agricultural Purposes
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