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Product Details

  • Increased nutrient content and soil fertility
  • Stimulates soil microorganisms with more efficient breakdown of organic matter
  • Increases the moisture holding capacity of soil. Chelation (means to “bind” or “hold on to”) of micronutrients, especially iron, so that it can be used by plants
  • Increased photosynthesis and chlorophyll concentrations
  • Stimulated root growth. Increase in shoot and blade production
  • Formulation contains Seaweed extract and Fulvic acid (1% each) are known to provide secondary benefit to the growth as well as productivity
  • When applied together with fertilizers, the absorption & translocation of nutrients inside the plant becomes easier & thus rapidly checks nutrient deficiencies
  • It helps in root development, flower induction, fruit set, fruit development, yield, luster & keeping quality
  • It helps plants to endure environmental stress & to resist insect & disease attack
  • Amino increases the crop production by providing the required nutrients in the soil
  • It improves the soil productivity which proves to be useful for farmers

Recommended Crops
Papaya, Potato, Onion, Wheat, Rice, Soybean, Cotton, Chilli, Pulses and Vegetables

We are offering Brassinolide to our clients. Galaxy N is one of largest selling liquid formulation products having a combination of Amino acid, Humic acid, and Fulvic acid. Being liquid it is easily taken up by the plant and the results are fast. Combination of amino acid and humates. Ideal for drip irrigation and spraying.

Galaxy N Contains Amino acid (5%), Humic acid (5%), extract (1%), Fulvic acid (1%) along with stabilizer, emulsifier and spreader.

Dosage 50 ml /15 l spray tank, 500 ml/ 200 l tank for fertigation
Appearance Dark Black liquid
Base Water and methanol
pH after dissolution 6.8 – 7.6
Physical State Powder, Crystals
Usage Agricultural Use
Packaging Size 1 L
Packaging Type HDPE Bottle
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