Adjustable Props

Scaffolding Props

Product Details
Scaffolding Adjustable Props are widely known as the best supporting system used for all kinds of formworks, slab, and nailing when used in the vertical. They are also invaluable for a wide variety of applications in general building construction and repair work. Scaffolding Adjustable Props eliminate the costly labour and time consumed in cutting timber to length, wedging and nailing when used in the vertical as a prop which is made as per heavy & light duty.

Scaffolding Adjustable Props are the compression members used as temporary supports for building and civil engineering works incorporating a means for adjusting and fixing their length.

Scaffolding Adjustable Props are designed to provided a simple & cost effective method to shore and re-shore.

Scaffolding Adjustable Props are used in all types of construction work to withstand vertical loads or acts as wall brace wherever adjustable load bearing members are required.

Finishing: Galvanized Painted
Material: Mild Steel
Dimension: 3.75 M , 4.75 M , 5.75 M
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