Potassium Silicate

Shale Stabilizers

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We deals in one of the most Popular Shale Stabilizers for the Oilfield Industry chemically Known as Potassium Silicate.

The soluble silicates in their different forms: amorphous glass, granular solids or liquid solutions, represent one of the most commonly used chemical products. Its industrial boom started in the 19th century, when ground-breaking applications in detergents, adhesives and refractory paints were developed. Its applications have been diversified today in different fields: detergents, paper, construction, paints, water treatment, industrial product raw materials; fields that cover applications both in industry and in consumer goods.

The procedures for its preparation and industrial production are based on a melting process above 1000ÂșC, normally from silica, in its quartz crystalline form and sodium or potassium carbonate, obtaining silicate in its amorphous crystal or glass form.

The silicate solutions, also called liquid silicates, are the mostly commonly used silicates. They are obtained in a second stage by dissolution of the amorphous crystal in water at a high temperature and pressure. There are other synthesis channels for products in solution, such as the direct attack of silica with caustic soda.

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