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We are the leading supplier of Residue Wax. Residue waxes are White, odorless, and tasteless. This residue wax is derived during the production of semi refined paraffin wax. Our residue wax is extensively used in tyre, rubber and shoe soil industries.

Residue wax (also known as Foots Oil) is the oil extracted form Slack wax in the process of producing Paraffin wax. Residue wax contains high percentage of oil and, based on the oil content, can be found as liquid or semi-solid in the room temperature. Oily nature of residue wax makes this product applicable as a lubricant in industrial environments. Resides Wax (aka Foots Oil) is a byproduct derived from Slack Wax.

Brown color, high oiled wax named residue wax used for matches making, lubricants, explosive, firework. it can be used as hydrophobic impregnation material, fuel brick component, the raw material for the production of grease lubricants, conservation oils, lubricants, tire, rubber and shoe soil industries, textile, as well as petroleum jelly and white oil manufacturing. it is also used for Plastic Industries-Polish-Match Box.

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