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We deals in Granular Sulphur, Sulphur Powder and Sulphur Lumps of Russia, Iran, Turkey and Europe origin. Our offered product is reachable in various packaging options as per the desires of consumers. Moreover, we provide these products to the clients at reasonable prices.

Sulfur need to produce sulfuric acid. Phosphate fertilizers,rubber. Sulfur is used in produce fireworks, used in produce firecracker, fungicide. Sulfur used as a bleaching agent, disinfectant and refrigerant.

Improvement of saltines and alkaline soils of agriculture with the consumption of sulfur mineral fertilizers. Sulfur decrease PH agricultural soils/ farmer soils.

You can product the organic crop, organic vegetable, organic fruit with sulfur. Improve performance and product quality. When you use sulfur in your farming land, it’s possible for you that you can save water. Improvement of saltines and alkaline agriculture soils.

Sulfur is used to product : Sodium dithionite, Na2S2O,S ulfurous acid, H2SO3, Thiosulfates (S2O3-2>-), Thionic acid (H2S2O6), Polyphonic acids, (H2SnO6), Peroxymonosulfuric acid, Peroxydisulfuric acids, Thiocyanogen,(SCN)2, Tetra sulfur tetra nitride S4N4

Purity : 99.9%
Ash Content : 0. 02 % max
Acid as in h2so4 : 0. 0015 max
Organic Substance : 0. 01 max
Hydrocarbon : 0. 09 % max
Moisture : 0. 5 % max
Packing: Bulk or bag / 1MT jumbo bag
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